No-Limit, High Risk / Offshore Merchant Account Program

High risk merchants are service providers with businesses that have a high turnover, an increased risk of fraud, and high credit rate. Merchants who run high risk businesses have a hard time finding a company who will approve them for credit card processing.

But the good news is Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC is a offshore high risk merchant account provider and they are able to place all high risk merchants due to their network of banks worldwide.

There are many examples of high risk merchants such as Telemarketers, Internet and eCommerce Businesses, Travel Agencies, Online Casinos, Dating and Adult Websites, Affiliate Gateways, and so on.

But owning a high risk business does not mean the business is unable to get approved for a merchant account and be happy with the rate and terms. There are a few steps the business can take to help get approved swiftly and start processing clients right away.

First, ensure that the business owners are up-to-date on their credit history and honest about any bankruptcies, liens, judgments, and previous merchant accounts. By acknowledging past financial hardships, the company’s credibility with the merchant provider rises and the chances of becoming approved are much greater.

Secondly, be aware that if the business’s credit is subpar and has had a few speed bumps with previous merchant accounts, it might be required to setup a reserve account, which protects the processor from any future losses. The reserve account for your high risk business will be calculated as a percentage of a projected average of total sales. This saves the high risk merchant account from being shut down due to chargebacks.

Finally, make sure to find a merchant broker that is going to go the extra mile by shopping as many banks as possible to find the best rate for the high risk merchant account. Leave the headaches to the broker.

Owning and operating a high risk business does not trap a company into not being able to process credit cards. As long as the above tips are followed, the experience of opening your merchant account will go smoothly and the business will be on its way to increasing cash flow.

Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC,, VP of Marketing Tim Gaines is in charge of all promotions and product launches.

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