Offshore Merchant Accounts

An offshore merchant account is a great benefit for an online business who is considered high risk.

Many businesses now have been utilizing these offshore merchant accounts that have had difficulty in the approval process domestically.Some businesses have been shut down by some of these domestic processors for many different reasons.
Some of these reasons could be because of business categories,credit or a large number of volume ETC.
If you have a business that produces large amounts of volume these offshore merchant accounts can offer no limit credit card processing with large tickets or recurring billing on a high risk payments gateway or virtual terminal.
In most cases these accounts require cooperation from a merchant with documents and are time sensitive.
This type of merchant account can sometimes take a couple weeks to get approved.
The rates are much different and often require a reserve that can be held up from 3 to 6 months before it’s released back to the merchant.
Still it’s a very lucrative account if your ticket and business model are large enough to absorb these cost and larger percentages.
If an agent starts quoting you a rate before looking at the account and underwriting it with the processing banks this could be a costly mistake.Find an offshore merchant account broker who will shop this account and absorb all the denials and headaches saving you a lot of time and money.These high risk offshore accounts often require a processing and set up fee because of the work and man hours involved by finally achieving an approval.
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    We are running a collecton agency in india We are collecting debt on US payday loan. I’m looking for merchant account to accepting payment from the debit – credit card, If you can provide me the same one plese reply me as soon as possible

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    NFB Inc

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