Quickbooks Merchant Accounts

Accepting credit cards through QuickBooks merchant services has never been easier. The screens below illustrate just how easy it is to process credit card transactions in QuickBooks and to reconcile your accounts so that your QuickBooks records are up-to-date.

Process credit cards through QuickBooks

Enter payment data into the Receive Payment screen as you normally would. Simply click the box titled “Process Credit Card When Saving” to charge your customers credit card. You can also record and process credit card transactions through the Sales Receipts and Credit Memo screens in a similar fashion.

 Quickbooks Merchant AccountsMerchant Services” src=”http://worldwidemerchantconnect.com/img/qb01.jpg” alt=”Quickbooks Merchant Accounts” width=”300″ height=”265″ />

Enter Credit Card Information

After entering the amount of the sale on the Receive Payment screen, you will be prompted to enter your customer’s credit card information. Once this is done, simply click submit and the credit card will be processed right in QuickBooks.

qb02 Quickbooks Merchant Accounts

View & print receipt

After the transaction is approved, payment receipt is shown that can be reviewed and printed. You can also void an erroneous transaction right off the displayed receipt window.

qb03 Quickbooks Merchant Accounts

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