Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals

payment gateway Payment Gateways and Virtual Terminals

Do you conduct business online? A payment gateway can benefit both you and your customers.

A payment gateway is a software used to process online payments while encrypting sensitive information such as credit card numbers. Payment gateways merchant accounts facilitate communication between your bank and your customer’s. Our High Risk System is 100% compatible with the Global Processors Network.
This type of a merchant payment processing account is very lucrative and many High Risk Merchant Account merchants use a payment Gateway.

How does it work?

1)      Your customers enter their credit card information on your website.

2)      The credit card information is encrypted and sent to the payment gateway for validation.

3)      Amount is authorized by card holder’s bank.

4)      The result is encrypted and sent back through the payment gateway.

5)      Funds are transferred from your customer’s account bank to yours!

MADRICH talks about what you should know when implementing a merchant services program and explains the differences between virtual terminals and payment gateways

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What are the benefits of a payment gateway merchant account?

Speed and Efficiency

Payment gateways merchant accounts decrease the amount of time you spend on processing credit card transactions. Click here to get advice about the credit card processing industry.

Less Red Tape

Even if you are a new business, a payment gateway allows you to start accepting credit cards immediately rather than waiting until your business establishes a positive credit history.

Fraud Protection

Payment gateways will detect if the credit card has been reported lost or stolen. This will save your business on charge-backs and will also protect your customers.

Increased Sales

Payment gateways provide convenience to online shoppers allowing them to make purchases at any time of the day and from anywhere in the world utilizing this type of merchant payment processing.

Apply today for a payment gateway for your online business to start receiving fast, secure online payments from your customers and increase your revenue!

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