Offshore Merchant Accounts

Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC Offers Several Different Types of Offshore Merchant Accounts.

When Opening up an Offshore Merchant Account For your New Or Existing Business.

These Are Types Of Accounts You can Utilize for your business

E CommerceOnline Line Payment Processing Offshore Merchant Accounts
Offshore Virtual Terminals
No Limit Merchant Accounts
Offshore Payment Gateways
Electronic Checks With Signatures
ACH Programs
High Risk Offshore Payment Gateways
Domestic Payment Gateways
High Risk Virtual Terminals
High Risk Payment Gateways

Many business these days are focusing more on a global outlook when it comes to cash flow and merchant services.With many businesses outsourcing because of lower costs opening up an offshore merchant account is a great option.

Document Needed

In many cases the same required document are needed as a standard merchant account.

  • Voided check or Bank Letter
  • Business License or Article of Incorporation
  • Drivers License or Passport
  • Utility Bill
  • Business outline,Flier or Web Site
  • Bank statements If any
  • Processing Statement if any
  • Profit and Loss Statement if any

Businesses that offer online purchases on a global level where different monies are being exchanged, this is a much needed service.The rates tend to be a bit high then a standard merchant account,but history shows by setting up an offshore merchant account can be extremely lucrative.

Why You Should Offshore Merchant Account?

  • Bad Credit
  • Turned down before
  • Shut down by another processor
  • More cash flow globally
  • Large Ticket
  • Large Volume
  • Business is out of the United States

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