Merchant Account

Worldwide Merchant Services,LLC can set you up with any type of merchant account.

We are a full service merchant account company that specializes in many merchant account  services.

With over 15 years of experience WMS has set up over 100 different processors and banks through out the entire globe Iternationally and Domestically we can do it all.

We can have you approved for a merchant account within 24hours.

Doesn’t matter if you a retail customer,online business or even considered a high risk merchant.
WMS will customize a merchant services program that will meet your specific needs and goals.

Riachard A. Kasey will take a personal hands on experience unlike any other large corporation where you feel like just a little guy. Our services are completely compatible with all Payment Gateway Networks including those offered from USA Payment Networks.

Whether your large or small Worldwide Merchant Services,LLC can handle it all.

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Rich talks about all the different types of merchant accounts you can qualify for.
High Risk Merchant Accounts
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