High Risk Merchant Accounts


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Businesses in the following industries require a high risk merchant account in order to utilize a Payment Gateway Or Virtual Terminal

    • Online casinos and other gaming/ gambling agencies including sports wagering.
    • Adult services and products.
    • Pharmaceutical products.
    • Travel services.
    • Telemarketing businesses.
    • E-wallet and E-cash.
    • ISP and hosting services.
    • Online cigarette or tobacco vending.
    • Online auctions and debt services / credit brokerage.
    • Online dating services.
      • Lotteries.
      • Prize competitions and house raffles.
      • Amusement/recreation services.
      • Automobile rental.
      • Used automobile sales.
      • Coin shops.
      • Computer stores.
      • Shopping clubs.
      • Sale of telecommunications equipment.
      • Cell phones and beepers.
      • Gun dealers.
      • Online custom jewelry sale.
      • Water purifiers.
      • Check cashing services.
      • Collection agencies.
      • Custom products.
      • Detective services.
      • Downloading of software.
      • Massage parlors.
      • Hair restoration services.
      • Weight loss centers.
      • Home-operated business.
      • Mortgage services.
      • Pawn Shops.
      • Horoscope/fortune telling services.
      • Insurance Products.
      • Meat provisions / freezer / lockers.
      • Multi-level marketing.
      • Educational seminars.
      • Time share membership sales and deed transfers.

Other Additional categories requiring  High Risk Merchant Accounts:

High risk credit card processing is necessary for accounts that have large numbers of volume. Some of these merchant accounts are offshore or domestic. There is no merchant account that we can’t handle. When you fill out the application today, You can count on 99% of your our accounts can be placed within 24 Hours or less,regardless of its nature

    • Have you been turned down or shut off and flagged as a high risk merchant by Paypal or Entrust?
    • Have you been red flagged?
    • Have industry consultants let you down?
    • Do you have Bad Credit?
    • Do you process a large volume?
    • Are you offshore?
    • Do you need an e check debit account or ACH to get your cash upfront from your customers to avoid charge backs?
    • Do you need a super high risk account?
    • Do you process for other web sites?
    • Do you need a large volume gateway?
    • Do you need a backup plan merchant account?

What Is A High Risk Merchant?

High risk merchant accounts are businesses that have a high turnover, an increased risk of fraud, and high credit rate.

It is hard to find a merchant account provider that will accept just any high risk merchant for payment Processing, merchants who run high risk businesses have a hard time with finding credit card processing. But the good news is we are a high risk account provider, we allow all high risk merchants.

Our high risk solutions are simple and we welcome all merchants. We provide all kind of high risk merchant accounts because we know how difficult it is to start a business that is high risk and to build a reliable mutual relationship between the business and the provider. We are here to help your business rise by providing you with all your payment Processing needs.


99% of all High Risk Merchant Accounts We Approve Within 24 hours!!!

Are you looking Shopping for a Merchant Services program to fit your business model? We can setup your business with a merchant account to accept all major credit cards and bank ATM Debit cards, at the lowest possible cost. We offer only bank direct merchant accounts, saving our merchants thousands of dollars per year in credit card processing costs! We specialize in high risk merchant accounts like, Pharmacy Merchant Account, Offshore Accounts,  Casinos, High Volume Internet Accounts, International, MLM companies, and many more.

We approve 99% of all merchant account applications and can get you approved even if you have less than perfect credit. We also have a program for international and high risk merchants.

You can accept all major credit cards – Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, etc. and bank ATM Debit cards. Compare us to out competition and you will find our merchant account rates to be the lowest available anywhere.

We offer complete solutions with a 99% approval rate and we provide just about every type of processing system you’ll ever need. Our specialties are domestic merchants, offshore accounts, internet accounts, online check processing and a variety of other online merchant accounts. It doesn’t matter if you have good credit or bad credit. 

We have the best bank connections, and you will get a merchant account with us!
As soon as you reach out to World Wide Merchant Connect our team of trusted merchant service professionals will begin working to land you the best merchant solution for your business! 

We can work with almost any business in any industry. 

It doesn’t matter what type of company you have, i.e. network marketing, MLM, online casino or a travel agency. We are confident we can get you the lowest rates available so that year in and year out you make the most money possible. 

If you would like more information please contact us or call our toll free number (866) 949-VISA (8472).

Here is what we can offer almost any business:

  • Lowest rates anywhere!
  • 99.9% of our applications are approved!
  • Quick approval Merchant Account
  • We have no cancellation fees
  • Our rates are guaranteed
  • 24-hour customer service
  • No yearly fees
  • Free training
  • Lifetime warranty on all equipment (must be processing)
  • We provide only the most up to date equipment on the market
  • We are your solution; we are your one-stop-shop.
  • Do what you do best and let us do the rest.

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High Risk Merchant Accounts
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