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Get a merchant account cash Advance to keep your business alive through the economy,They will also help you by leveraging your cash and show you how to advertise in this bad economy effectively with the least amount of money.

PR Log (Press Release)Jan 16, 2010Business Cash Advance Program: An alternative to a typical small business loan by leveraging your merchant account

At some point during its operation history, almost every small business needs to get a small business loan or business cash advance to operate smoothly. To apply for a business loan from a bank, you will need a great amount of preparation before applying for a loan. You will need to fill out a substantial amount of paperwork including a business plan, cash flow projection report , a personal finance statement, your previous business tax returns, a credit rating report as well as numerous other business reports. Even after applying for a business loan, the chances of approval are slim and you may have to wait a long time to receive the funds (in the event your business loan is approved).

Fortunately, with Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC, you can eliminate the tedious process involved with a traditional business loan application and put it into your actual business by applying for a business cash advance, an alternative to a small business loan and use your merchant account to increase your cash flow today.

We have a perfect business loan alternative for you. Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC has a business cash advance program that can provide your business with a business cash advance against your future credit card (Visa/MasterCard) sales from your customers.

Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC is the #1 provider on the Internet of cash advances to a business against their future credit card (Visa/MasterCard) processing sales.

Our Business cash advance program offers the following advantages against typical small business loans:

  • 90% Approval Rate (compared to much smaller approval rate for small business loans)
  • Funds typically available in 7 days or less( Small business loans can take months)
  • Up to $150,000 per location (the amount we can advance you is based on how much monthly Visa/MasterCard sales you do each month.)
  • Depending on your business type, we can typically advance you up to 20% – 30% more than your business’ monthly processing average.
  • You are free to use the funds however you choose.
  • Receive 1,000 Delta SkyMiles for each $10,000 that you receive from us.

Cash Advance Program Requirements to be eligible for our Business cash advance program:

  • Your business must process a minimum of $4,000/month in Visa/Mastercard from its customers for at least a period of 2 months
  • You must be current with your landlord (we do perform a landlord verification call)
  • You can not have any open bankruptcies in the last 12 months

The funds from the business cash advance program is not a loan (not a typical business loan). It is an advance against Visa and MasterCard merchant account receipts. It is repaid through the merchant account itself.

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