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Opening a New Retail Business, Need a Merchant Account? Want Free? You Got It.

Mad Rich, his nickname, a spin-off from the popular show Mad Men caught on when Richard became mad about offering free merchant services to new business owners around the world. His concern with being cost savvy for his members became his obsession. New retail business owners have so many things to spend money on to just open their doors. He says, “Why not make it easier for the new business owner. Especially in this economy people need a break!” Finally someone got smart. We often experience businesses closing their doors nowadays. So we get excited and want to talk about it when there are CEO’s in this world that actually want to help stimulate this economy by making it easier on the little guy.

What Worldwide Merchant Services LLC is doing is that they have created a program to get your new retail business up and running with solutions to provide a Free Merchant Account,Free Machine credit card processing. Mad Rich explains that, “This has got to be done properly the first time because each particular business model falls into specific category depending on so many variables. The right program is detrimental to the success of the business not only with regard to cost savings but allowing earnings to be the highest possible revenues from the get-go.” With that said Rich stresses the importance of accepting credit cards and debit cards via online, over the phone and through a terminal as the largest percentages of business sales is generated through plastic.

The program that WMS just unveiled is one that is cost-free. Currently a new retail business can take advantage of no application fees, no set-up charge and a free merchant account,free machines saving the new business owner hundreds of dollars. Why not use that money elsewhere, maybe to market their new business. Rich is also able to offer wholesale rates to qualified clients. Nice.

Mad Rich says, “You also want to think about the importance of dealing with a company that you can trust. Unfortunately in this business has created a dark cloud over itself. Anytime you talk about Visa and MasterCard fees a smile turns upside down, so-to-speak. But the service is not something that you want to compromise if it means gaining a large percentage of income, deal with the fees just do it right and with the right company.”

Retails merchants should work with a credit card processing company that has a good reputation, one that will work on your behalf in making sure to meet your new business merchant account needs and only consider a merchant service company that has been in business for a long time. Someone that you begin to know and like, you can trust. A merchant account company is somewhat of your financial adviser and you will want to use them as such. In interviewing Rich I had come to know him as a laid-back kind of guy with business sense, a real regular person just like you and me. My impression is that you will enjoy a long business relationship with him and trust that he and his affiliates will work on your behalf.

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