Free Electronic Cash Register

free electronic cash register Free Electronic Cash RegisterFree Electronic Cash Register” width=”200″ height=”160″ />Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC  has partnered with United Bank Card very pleased to offer the industry’s first Free Electronic Cash Register (FECR) program.

Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC and United Bankard has partnered with Casio to integrate the most popular electronic cash register equipment with exclusive credit card processing technology to deliver the ultimate payment solution, completely free of charge! A credit card terminal is just that, a terminal that accepts credit card transactions, but electronic cash registers (ECRs) manage cash, checks and credit cards as well as taxes, all in a simple and efficient manner. These new generation integrated ECRs will redefine how merchants accept payment. There is no longer a need to purchase a cash register or use a standalone credit card terminal when you can get a free ECR for your merchant account through Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC.

The program includes two cash register options, the Casio TK-1550 flat key model for restaurants and the Casio TE-1500 raised key model for retail businesses. A simple and easy to use online wizard has been developed so that merchants can effortlessly customized the keypad layout for their free cash register. Additionally, you will have one point of contact for both your Merchant Services and cash register service. Best of all, as long as you process credit cards with Worldwide Merchant Services,LLC and United Bank Card we will provide a replacement Casio cash register if yours breaks or malfunctions, completely free of charge!

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