ATM Services

Free Daily Deposits of Surcharge AND Withdrawn Cash
No more waiting for checks. We deposit your surcharge income back into your bank account every day along with any money withdrawn from your ATM. Or if you prefer we can even deposit your surcharge income in one lump sum at the beginning of every month. Whether you choose daily or monthly deposits, you won’t have to sit around waiting for a check anymore.

Free Web Reporting
We offer real-time web reporting for your ATM where you can see a transaction that has just happened or you can run a set of reports, such as a report that might show last month’s activity. If you manage multiple terminals, our reporting system will help you quickly find stats for all of your ATMs or you can easily locate one transaction on one particular ATM.

Free 24-hour Technical Support
We know that 85-90% of all ATM malfunctions can be fixed over the phone, eliminating unneeded and expensive service calls. We provide on-call technicians 24-hours a day to help you maximize your uptime and, in turn, your profits. Our 800 number keeps you in touch with experienced and knowledgeable technicians that provide the best support coupled with the best customer service.

We have competitive lease rates that are among the lowest in the industry. We work with many different lenders to bring you some of the best options for funding your ATM needs.

Install & Repair
Whatever, Wherever – we can provide technicians to install or repair your ATM. We offer competitive rates and can have your ATM back on-line with minimal disruption of service. We work on all types of ATMs through our nationwide network of technicians. If you are having problems with your ATM you are not making money!

High Risk Merchant Accounts
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