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Bad credit merchant account testimonial.

Hi my name is Frank Fiore I own a Limo Company right here in Las Vegas.
I called Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC because I had a bad situation with First Data and Wells Fargo where they shut my merchant account down because of large number of volume of transaction and thought the holidays last year we had an excessive amount of chargeback’s.
Our volume was substantial and was with first data for over 5 years.
They held on to our money for 6 months.
Not only did this hinder my business but affected my credit.
Know other processor would approve my account.

I called Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC and they had me approved within 24 hours after I applied with 8 other processors to no avail got denied.

When I called and they told me that they would have me approved within 24hr,my first thought was sure you will, then I received a call back within 6 hrs telling me I got approved.
Things are running smooth now; Thank God they saved my company.

I highly recommend Worldwide Merchant Services, LLC if you have bad credit or been put on the TMF match list, they will set you up as promised with a bad credit merchant account within 24hours.

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