Merchant Account Referral Program

Get Paid For Referral Business and We’ll Do The Work!

Worldwide Merchant Services LLC offers one of the most attractive referral programs in the industry. Whether you are just entering the merchant account industry or are well established we can help you get paid for any business you can refer to us!

Here’s How Easy It Is To Get Paid

1). Contact us for further information and tell us about your business and service.

2). Get approved by WMS as an affiliate and or partner.

3). Refer business to WMS.

4). Get paid a straight commission the say day we approve your referred client for a new account!


There are many reasons to become an affiliate!

You may be in the merchant account industry and are in need of a solid contact for referring the clients that you are unable to service for whatever reason.  If you are in the financial industry you probably work with clients every day that require a merchant account to get their business going and start earning maximum potential. They trust you and often ask… who do you recommend for my merchant provider? Now when you recommend someone to a high risk merchant account from us, we will pay you for sending your client our way! If Rich can do the same for you he absolutely does and will!

You being in the financial industry, your clients may have been denied, shut down or put on the TMF Match list. Rich has programs that satisfy these clients when they have been turned down before. He has a streamlined system in place that will give an almost immediate approval and his approval rate is high because he specializes in these situations! His list of banks is long and knows right where to direct each application to push it through approval.  He says “With these new laws in place it makes it difficult for business owners trying to succeed. They can often feel like their hands are tied.” There is a merchant solution for your high risk business.

For details on the program and enquire about producing several MIDs for clients or how it works Mad Rich says to call anytime! “I look forward to building a great business relationship with you!”

Richard Kasey is thehighriskprocessor and has been in business for several years and knows the industry well. His list of reputable banks allows him to direct each individual application in the right direction saving time and money allowing for a 99% approval rate on all merchant services. They don’t call him Mad Rich for nothing!

High Risk Mad Rich teaches the importance of a merchant account and how it relates to a profitable business. WMS specializes in high risk accounts and knows right where to direct each application to get immediate approval. To start earning your full business potential you need a merchant account and a reputable merchant services company that knows the business inside and out.. To get instant access to informative news and apply direct visit ==>

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